Sponsorship Opportunity

Rotorua X relies on the generous sponsorship from local businesses to be able to hold our events. We would be thrilled if your organisation decided to partner with us to help inspire, connect  and provide leadership to the Rotorua business community.

We have a range of sponsorship packages available to suit organisations and budgets of any size and shape.  At Rotorua X, we are a flexible bunch and we will work with you to explore how we can best support your sponsorship goals and objectives.

By becoming a sponsor you become part of the great Rotorua X fraternity and get all the kudos from being associated with such an innovative group.  The icing on the cake is the added exposure your organisation will get on Rotorua X e-newsletters, website and at events.

Check out our sponsorship options or contact us, so we can develop a sponsorship package to suit you.

Our Sponsors

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