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Typically Rotorua X uses our fortnightly column in the Daily Post to touch on topics to provide advice on running a successful enterprise.  This week we will do something different and blow our own trumpet!

Rotorua X was founded to provide a forum for Rotorua business owners and professionals to meet and connect with like-minded people.  Our mission is to inspire our attendees to be the best at what they do – as an individual, a business, a social entrepreneur or as an athlete.

We believe inspiration comes from hearing about people’s experiences.  To this end, we have had a vast array of people talk at our events over the years.  We ask all of our guest speakers to share their journey, the ups and downs of success and to part with any wisdom along the way.

Our next event on Thursday 21 May is going to be a humdinger.  We are flying in Dr Sam Hazledine for a super special event.  Sam wrote the best-selling business book “Unfair Fight” and has built a $35 million company from scratch in less than ten years.

His company MedRecruit featured in the Deloitte Fast 50 for four consecutive years. He won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Awards in 2012 and has been the New Zealand Extreme ski champion. To top all this off, he is a committed family man and is very involved in raising his two little girls.

Sam Hazledine is the epitome of what Rotorua X stands for, and we are very excited to have him speak at our event.

Tickets cost $49 and include a seat at this fantastic event to hear from Sam first-hand about the power of mindset, achieving high performance and how to give your business an unfair advantage.

He will also talk about what he terms ‘fanatical balance’ and how to create excellence in what’s important be it personal, professional or family life.

Also included in the price are antipasto platters filled with culinary delights to nibble on while you absorb all the nuggets of wisdom.

You can get your tickets now online or you can pop into Atlantis Books in Eruera Street, Rotorua.

It’s not very often that a speaker of this calibre comes to Rotorua, so make the most of it.  Get tickets for you, your friends, clients or anyone needing a little inspiration.

Author: Darren McGarvie is the Chairman of the Rotorua X Charitable Trust and Director of McGarvie Business Coaching  

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