Apply for Rotorua Incubate and help your business take-off


Incubate  is a 12 week programme designed for Rotorua businesses or charitable organisations that are less than two years old.

Incubate  provides one-on-one business coaching and training modules to build business capability to help your organisation succeed and grow.



Incubate will help you set goals, implement actions and get results.

Setting up or establishing a new business or social enterprise is tough.  Your friends and family may not understand what you are  going through or be able to help.

Incubate will provide you with knowledge, tools and advice to help you work ON your business or social enterprise.  It will also grow your networks with people who understand the challenges and successes you are facing every day.

To apply complete the online application form by Friday 30 October 2015.



The successful applicants will receive:

Seven Rotorua X Mastery  training modules
presented by local professionals who are experts in their field, followed by a professionally facilitated discussion to share your challenges and successes.

Two one-on-one coaching sessions 
facilitated by Bay of Plenty growth expert business coach Darren McGarvie

Rotorua X Incubate is only possible thanks to sponsorship from Rotorua Lakes Council.

Organisations can also fund themselves through the Incubate programme for $95 + GST per week.


If you are interested in joining the programme or would like to know more, please complete the online application form.


Applications close Friday 30 October 2015.

If you are interested in becoming a partner  or sponsor in the Incubate programme, please email us.


roguestage0001webKarin Vincent – The Rogue Stage

For me Incubate was a chance to meet like-minded business people in Rotorua, focused on growing Rotorua in a positive way. It helped me to gain knowledge of business procedures and to challenge myself in an unfamiliar setting.

The main things I got out of Incubate was learning how to set goals for myself and work out a strategy to accomplish them. It really did grow my skills set.

Due to Incubate I am more organised and lay out steps to achieve my goal. I think about perception more and I value my work differently.


claire plaistedClaire Plaisted – Plaisted Publishing Limited

I applied for the Incubate programme as I wanted know where I am going with my business and how to get there.

The best part of Incubate was meeting other new and young businesses in Rotorua as well as learning how to run a business from a business point of view.

Incubate really helped me. Due to the programme I updated my marketing skills to implement and gain more clients. It was also beneficial in helping me price my services within the marketplace.


sarahSarah Seerden – SarSee

Local upcoming Fashion Designer Sarah Seerden encourages other fledging business owners to go through the Incubate programme.

Incubate was so helpful to me and really helped develop my fashion design label and business. Having support when I needed it and meeting new people who are running their own business was really beneficial.

It’s a great programme and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to start their own business.

hazaduzHoani Kake a.k.a HAZADUZ

Incubate has changed the way I look at things. It encouraged me to concentrate on my business as full time work as opposed to a hobby, applying many of the different strategies I picked up from the coaching sessions.

Being surrounded by experienced business people and mentors was the most beneficial part of the programme. It exposed me to a range of people from different industries who I could call on for advice.

I thoroughly enjoyed Incubate. It really helped me understand what I needed to do to advance my business.


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